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  • What is HeatPax™?
    HeatPax™ is a brand of warmers made specifically for workers who work in extreme temperatures. The HeatPax™ brand has a line of Hand, Toe, and Body warmers for an array of uses for maximum comfort. Even though these were designed with the worker in mind, HeatPax™ can be used by anyone in cold environments.
  • Why choose HeatPax™?
    HeatPax™ has been through rigorous testing to ensure quality and longevity. The statements made on this site, and on the HeatPax™ packaging have been proven by a 3rd party independent testing company.
  • How do HeatPax™ generate heat?
    HeatPax™ Warmers are filled with a mixture of ingredients, including iron powder, which oxidizes when exposed to air. This reaction produces a powerful exothermic reaction, resulting in heat. Please see the "How it Works" page for more information.
  • How do I activate the HeatPax™?
    HeatPax™ are activated in 3 easy steps: 1. Remove the HeatPax™ from the packaging by tearing it open where indicated. 2. Shake the pack for a few seconds for immediate activation. (HeatPax™ may take up to 10 minutes to reach maximum heat) 3. Place the HeatPax™ in your pocket, shoe, winter liner, or specifically designed winter wear equipped with HeatPax™ pockets. NOTE: These instructions can also be found on the packaging of each HeatPax™ product.
  • Are HeatPax™ safe?
    Yes, HeatPax™ are made of natural, odorless, non-toxic ingredients. Please refer to the activation instructions on the back of each package for detailed information on how to properly use HeatPax™ . To ensure your safety: 1. Do NOT apply directly to frostbite. 2. Do NOT use with other devices or heat up with external heating sources. 3. Do NOT use with infants, young children, elderly, or handicapped persons without supervision. 4. Do NOT use on skin that may be sensitive to or cannot feel heat. 5. Do NOT use directly against the skin while sleeping.
  • How long do HeatPax™ last?
    Hand Warmers will have 10 hours* of full power. Toe warmers will have 6 hours* of full power. Body Warmers will have 24 hours* of full power. * HeatPax™ performance may vary when used in temperatures far below freezing, and without sufficient airflow.
  • Can HeatPax™ warmers be resued?
    HeatPax™ can be re-used if the heating is suspended while they are still emitting heat. To suspend your HeatPax™ heating capabilities you must place them in an airtight container, like a sealed zip top bag. When the HeatPax™ are re-exposed to air, they will become hot again. Once your HeatPax™ has been fully consumed (has expelled the corresponding number of hours of heat) they cannot be re-heated. Please discard your HeatPax™ once it has been fully consumed.
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