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For Individuals

​Writing well is one of the most important skills you can possess. Being a clear, effective writer can help you advance your career, enhance your professional development, and achieve your goals.
Browse our suite of writing workshops and choose from a variety of subjects designed to help you write clearly and confidently.
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For Businesses

If you were asked to identify the top three threats to your organisation’s development, what would you say? Increased competition? Bad publicity? Another economic downturn? Most likely, you would not have mentioned bad business writing. However, many companies continue to miss this silent threat until it affects the business. Poorly written documents cause time delays in decision making, can be difficult to understand, and often leave frustrated readers unwilling to completely read the content. The lost information and time often reduce productivity and can lead to even bigger costs for companies. Having a team that produces clear, concise writing can strengthen your customer service, improve employee interactions and morale, save your organisation time and money, enhance client relationships, increase efficiency, and boost your competitive advantage. Great writing can be the difference between a job well done and a job done twice. And that's what we help companies do—give their employees the skills they need to become efficient and effective writers. Our workshops are heavily participatory and use real-world examples and writing exercises to equip your staff with the tools of good business writing. Participants will learn techniques that can be used right away—on any document and for any purpose or audience. Choose from our suite of workshops or request a customised training session developed to suit your team and your strategic goals.