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About Us

HeatPax™ is a brand founded by two Canadian friends tired of working long days and nights in the cold and having their hand warmers run out halfway through their shift! Winters are tough enough in Canada, but those recreational hand warmers just did not cut it up north! Recreational warmers say 10 hours of heat, but can lose key warmth in half that time! So the two friends came up with a formula to keep hand warmers hot for the full 10 hrs, and called them HeatPax™. When HeatPax™ say 10 hours, they mean 10 hours of full power heat! 

We at OccuNomix International LLC have been selling hand warmers for decades, but we loved this story and HeatPax™ so much that we took on the HeatPax™ brand. Today, Occunomix HeatPax™ warmers provide industrial-level heat for our industrial safety customers in a variety of options; 

• Hand Warmers     • Toe Warmers     • Body Warmers 

Each HeatPax™ warmer is carefully crafted in an orange woven bag, and placed inside a metallic film package to keep in the heat until you really need it. HeatPax™ .... the warmer that won't quit on you! 
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